Triple Town Unlimited now $3.99

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Games, iPad, iPhone, Reviews

Triple Town has quickly become one of my favourite iPhone puzzle games (and my 5 year old’s too). It’s unique blend of cute and match 3 in an adorable forest theme is a real winner for both the young and the slightly older. 🙂

You must match 3 grass patches to make a bush, 3 bushes to make a tree, 3 trees to make a house and so on where the final piece placed is where the new item will be.

The strategy and fun comes in the placement of these items in the limited spaces you have.

It has also been great for my 5 year old because it trains him to think ahead and I see him thinking further with each game he plays. Plus he loves bears.

It’s free to play but after my 2 hours, I’d run out of free play time and had to wait a day before I could play again. Unlimited play was within reach but for $6.99 which made me hesitate twice before clicking Buy.

Much has been debated online about how much an app should cost and while the consensus was that $6.99 was too much for a simple puzzle game with no levels or expandable features, I do also recognize that developers should be paid for their hard work, which is why if I love a free app, I’ll make a small in-app purchase (IAP) anyway just to say thanks.

Today I was pleasantly surprised that the devs have reduced the IAP purchase for unlimited turns to $3.99. I snapped it up right away. This, by the way, means that all my devices with the game and same Apple ID have been upgraded to Unlimited. I can hear my son cheering me in his sleep right now.

No more fretting over each turn. That’s the joy of unlimited turns. It has become zen mode.

Thank you, Chris Carroll, Daniel Cook, David Edery, Dean Ruggles, and Cristian Soulos for this awesome game and for listening to your fans! We salute you!

P.s. would you consider making the map expandable and adding levels? 🙂




  1. hh says:

    this is my favourite game on my i-devices too!! I will play it on iphone for 150 moves first, then ipad for another 150 moves 😛
    yeah, i agree that it will be awesome if some additional levels or features could be added.
    I am trying to justify paying USD3.99 for unlimited turns, afraid that i will be stuck with triple town whenever i am awake!


  2. Christina says:

    I actually gladly paid for it after they brought the price down because both I and my 5 year old play across 2 devices so it was worth it for us. 😀 It’s an amazing game! 😀

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