Encrypt Your USB Drive

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Security
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I lost my 8GB SD card recently. Hunted for it in my laptop, in the camera, in my secret compartment in my backpack, but alas, it was gone. There was only one place it could be now, and that was in my mother’s laptop, which I had used to copy some photos over for her. This story has a happy ending, thankfully, and that errant card was found in the SD card reader embedded in her Sony Vaio.

15 hours ago, I was lying in bed wondering what would have happened if I had dropped that card somewhere. I am normally extremely careful, thanks to an incident involving a lost $10 note as a child (30 years ago, $10 was probably worth around $100 these days). No, there were no incriminating photos on that card. Just family photos. Memories for me and mine only to share. Gone, if the card was truly gone.

Then I thought that I should start using usb encryption software to start encrypting all my stuff. Note to self: encrypt usb drive (all of them!), encrypt external drive, even encrypt flash drive. Gonna check out this USBCrypt encryption software which uses strong 128- and 256-bit AES encryption to protect my drives. Better safe than sorry.


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