5 Steps to Start A Business Online

Posted: April 9, 2010 in How-tos

On 3 separate occasions, 3 friends of mine recently asked if I could help them set up their business websites and market them.

I had to politely decline but promised I’d lend my expertise if they (bribed me with pearl milk tea and dark chocolate cake and) babysat my kids who are currently running amok doing battle with multi-coloured balloons in my living room as I type this.

Now, I quit before Facebook became all the rage and social network marketing became THE place to promote your business but it is so simple to set up that I could simply walk them through the steps and they’d be all set.

It is really very straightforward these days, setting up shop.

1. Register a domain.
2. Pay for hosting (I like Just Host).
3. Install WordPress.
4. Install a WordPress theme you like (with widgets).
5. Do some Facebook marketing.

Trust the viral effect. There’s nothing more powerful than your friend’s opinion, particularly in areas you have no expertise or knowledge in. In some instances, it can even negate studies and statistics. Tap that.

  1. I also promote some of my affiliate links on Facebook by making Facebook fan pages and also by advertising on Facebook.;`*

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